Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Better Idea of Who I am: A Biography of sorts

Last night I kicked off my blogging return with the first writing prompt from The Book of Me, Written By You. I am choosing to follow up this morning with a biographic piece as so much has changed since I had started this blog.

My name is Kim Cecil Ostermyer. The name is important because it tells a lot about me. As I am male, there can be a lot of discussion about the "A Boy Named Sue" song by Johnny Cash and its irrelevancy in that regard. Growing up, I was teased a lot for both my first and last names. My middle name is that of my maternal grandfather, Cecil Lupton. The last name is usually a way that telemarketers are flagged when they call as they usually garble into a weird version like Oystermyer. I always try to hold my tongue when someone impolitely comments about how it's an "unusual name."

I am the proud father of two boisterous lads: Coen, aged three but nearly four, and Ander who is five years old. They are wonderful and I consider myself to be blessed. Joining me for the journey through life is my extraordinarily patient and kind wife of 11 years, Jamie. She and I fit well together with our quirky senses of humor, which are very often in sync, as well as our worldly sensibilities.

Genealogically speaking, I have been in the trenches for 12 years. I started out with charting my family history with some Post It Notes and large sheets of drawing paper. It wasn't until my wife purchased a genealogy program for me as a gift, did the full intensity and excitement kick in. Since then, I have done many things, among them fixing some amateur mistakes and becoming allied with many of the professional teachings.

I am not certified as a genealogist, yet feel confident in my abilities as a researcher. I am working towards a certification, and will dedicate more time to that as life will allow. I have already chosen four generations to research and am presently working on the gaps of knowledge as I am able to do so.

I currently work in The Wyoming Room in the Sheridan Fulmer Public Library is Sheridan, Wyoming. Our facility is an amazing place for both Western and genealogical research. In this room, an imagination can take you lots of places. Many folks will know the names of people who have been a part of Sheridan's history. The famous ones include Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, General George Crook among many others. Crook and his soldiers camped near the present location of the Sheridan Library prior to the Battle of the Rosebud and General Custer's ill-fated battle in 1876.

While it is wonderful to have a few famous folks in the history line-up for Sheridan, I find the hidden stories of the townsfolk to be of equal interest. In truth, I am often consumed by my wide-eyed interest in so many aspects of Sheridan, ranging from the psychics and mediums the town once housed to the many houses of ill repute.

There's lots to discuss and I hope to entertain and contribute to a wonderful field, filled with many amazing people.